Our goals

The main aim of Pochatok Children Film Festival is to help younger generation to form a creative world outlook and involve children and the youth into film production. We aspire to develop cooperation bewtween children and youth festivals. The festival will take place in 10-14th of June, 2019!

Our tasks
  • involvement children in the production of films that promote universal values;
  • establishment and development of connections between children from different corners of Ukraine and the world;
  • acquaintance with the professionals of the local cinema;
  • exchange of experience and increase of the general professional level of participants;
  • education of morality, patriotism and active citizenship of participants;
  • education of a new generation of filmmakers.

The submissions are open from July 1st, 2018 to May 1, 2019. The official competition, chosen by the selection committee, will be announced on June 1st.

During the festival we will organise workshops for children on acting, directing, script writing skills, basic cinematography.

Pochatok (Ukrainian translation - “Beginning”) is a game of words, which simultaneously gives the definition of the beginning of anything whether it is life, creativity, success, and at the same time it is the fruit of corn - a corn starch.

Corn symbolizes fertility, reproduction, ​​origin,  growth and development of any potential skills, which in our case are  ideas, talent, creativity.

From the grain of the idea a sprout emerges which grows and develops on the fertile soil and brings fruit of success and recognition.

Countless amounts of grains are creative ideas, new ones grow continuously and lead to great success and glory.

Simultaneously, the stylized “pochatok” (beginning/starch) of corn looks like the globe of the Earth with parallels and meridians and this means the boundless possibilities of the filmmaker and limitless creativity.

The color of the hairstyle and the corn itself resonates with the national colors of the Ukrainian flag, indicating its origin.

Popcorn, as one of the final products for the consumer, symbolizes films and the viewers. At the same time, as we know from international films, popcorn is a must-have attribute of all cinemas.

How we came up with the idea

The logo was created by daughter Julia (12) and her father Sergey Peripolkin. In the family circle during a live discussion of a possible idea and a symbol of the festival, they clung to a word that had several meanings in the Ukrainian language, and the word was "Pochatok” (beginning/starch).  So each of them took a pencil and tried to draw some variants, and as a result a logo appeared that was corrected and supplemented, but still was based on Julia’s idea, and the inscription "Pochatok" was written by her brother, Vlad who is 7.

The festival will take place on June 10-14th 2019.     

Festival venue - Secondary School №2 (Sadova, 8, Marhanets City).