The launch of Summer Film School

Summer Film School  will be held on Jne 11-15th and is supported by the International Children’s Film Festival “Pochatok”, the Dutch platform CineSud and La Gata Productions, the Dnipro Academy of Continuing Education of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council, the Institute of Social and Political Psychology of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, the Academy of Ukrainian Press.

Summer language and media school  and film festival “Pochatok” is the introduction of new forms of work, сonsidering the specialization of the school and inclusive education, when the freedom of choice of leisure is given according to the child’s preferences. This is an opportunity to spend five bright and rich days fun and useful, during which master classes and trainings, presentations and creative meetings, film reviews, discussions and selection of the best films created by schoolchildren, children’s studios, professionals for children and children will be held, these will allow to improve foreign languages (English, German) in a cheerful, relaxed atmosphere, will contribute to the formation of a creative worldview, critical thinking, interest in media products, will target children and youth audiences, and attract students to create their own media products.

The list of films – finalists, selected by the selection committee, announced on June 6. 45 Ukrainian and foreign short films will compete for the title of the best short film in the contest program in the following categories:

Category A (amateurs)

Films made  at school or at home. The authors of this category are non-professionals. School film studios or other children’s studios, where the leaders are also non-professionals in the field of motion pictures, also belong to this category.

Category B (children’s studios)

Films made in conditions of specialized movie unions, motion picture circles or studios. This category includes films made by non-professional young authors under the guidance or with the help of professionals in the field of cinema.

Category C (Professionals)

Adult authors – professionals films, students and graduates of the Institute of Cinematography or movie       associations, television workers. Authors of this category are professionals in the field of cinema art.

Category D (Debut)

Films made in the framework of the film-learning program of the festival.

The winners will receive 4 awards: The best short film, The best short film (made by children), The best amateur film and The best movie according to the audience view. Films will be evaluated by a professional jury consisting of 6 people and a children’s audience, which will participate in the Summer Language and Media School “Pochatok”.

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