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International films eligible for entry:

  1. International film submission is open till May 1th , 2019.
  2. Films of various genres and themes are accepted.
  3. Competition is open to International narrative, animated, documentary short films.
  4. Filmmakers are welcome to submit only through
  5. Films must be completed after 1 January, 2014.
  6. The maximum running time is 30 minutes.
  7. Films not in  English must be subtitled in English and the dialogue list must be provided after the acceptance.
  8. Films that have broadcast on Internet prior to the Festival are not eligible for consideration.
  9. Entries must be submitted for pre-screening on Vimeo or YouTube link. If you use a secured link, you are REQUIRED to keep us updated with passwords or your film may be rejected.
  10. There is an entry fee for submission.

Film categories:

Category A (Amateurs)

Films made at school or at home. Directors of this category are not professionals. Films produced at school or children's studios with team leaders who are not film professionals also belong to this category.

Category B (Children studios)

Films made by the directors at specialized cinema and video clubs or studios. This category includes films made by non-professional young directors under the guidance or with the help of film professionals.

Category C (Professionals)

Films of adult directors - professionals, film school students and graduates, television workers. Directors of this category are film professionals.

Category D (Debut)

Films produced as a part of Pochatok Film Festival workshop.

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